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Fears That Harry and Meghan’s Netflix Documentary Will Be Used As a Recruiting Tool By The Far Right

Harry and Meghan’s documentary and its potential to cause racial tensions and security issues in the UK.

Ukraine winning the world’s first digital war – British Army boss

Russia is also losing the digital war in the Ukraine, says UK army chief.

Britain and Sweden move against spies recruited by the Russian GRU

Russian spies unearthed in Germany and Sweden facing years behind bars.

Russia beats a retreat from Kherson in a fresh humiliation for Putin

Putin’s forces beat a retreat from Kherson in fresh humiliation for Russia’s President.

Wagner Group mercenaries decimated in the Ukraine, prompting a worldwide search for replacements

Wagner Group suffering massive losses in the Ukraine, turns to prisoners with HIV as replacements.


Media-led outrage over pilots and other service personnel working overseas may be missing the point.