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Havana Syndrome: Americans can’t pinpoint cause, but report points finger at Russian 29155 unit

“What is clear is that something is happening to make diplomats ill and I am very surprised given the increasing profile of Havana Syndrome and the length of time it has been suspected that the Americans have not been able…

Shadow Defence Minister Kobus Marais Advocates for South Africa’s Continued Presence in Mozambique to Combat Cabo Del Gado Insurgents

In June 2024, the forces from the Southern African Development Community (SADC), including South Africa, are set to withdraw from Mozambique. This country has been under the terror of Islamic insurgents, particularly in the northern Cabo Delgado province. The withdrawal…

President Ramaphosa Makes His Government a Proxy for Iran by Joining Hamas War on Israel

Chief Rabbi Goldstein Warns of Consequences as South Africa Takes Stance Against Israel in Gaza Conflict In the aftermath of a fatal Hamas attack on Israel, the South African government’s fervent pro-Palestinian stance has reverberated within South Africa’s active Jewish…

Media backlash over attempt to tighten UK privacy laws

Government warned media will not take privacy restrictions lying down.

Fears That Harry and Meghan’s Netflix Documentary Will Be Used As a Recruiting Tool By The Far Right

Harry and Meghan’s documentary and its potential to cause racial tensions and security issues in the UK.