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MI5 Chief warns of increased Iranian terrorist activity in Britain

Ken McCallum Chief of MI5, at a security summit in the U.S. on Tuesday, 17 October sounded the alarm on the potential for Iranian-backed terror attacks in Britain amid the Israel-Hamas war. His remarks marked the first time Mr. McCallum…

U.S. General Kurilla to arrive in Israel as fears of an Expanding Regional War Mount

General Michael “Erik” Kurilla, commander of the U.S. Central Command, is due to fly to Israel on Friday and meet with senior-ranking Israeli defence and military officials to discuss the ongoing Israel-Hamas war and the increasingly tense situation along the…

Yemen’s Houthi Army | Iran’s Proxy Terror Group on standby to join forces with Hamas and Hezbollah

As the three-week-old Hamas- Israel war wages, there is growing concern that the conflict will consume the entire region, drawing in more actors that are hostile to Israel. Death toll and Casualties To date, attacks have killed around 1,400 Israelis,…

Israel and Gaza Cyber Warfare Intensifies

Against the backdrop of the ongoing war between Hamas and Israel, virtual soldiers have emerged, as the battle extends into the digital world. Digital warriors, aligned with various cyber groups, are now actively engaged in supporting their chosen sides in…

Tehran’s Role in Fueling Hamas’ Assault on Israel: What We Know So Far

In a shocking and unprecedented move, the Palestinian Islamist Hamas unleashed a massive, multi-fronted onslaught on Israel, hurling thousands of rockets and launching an invasion of gunmen by land, sea, and air.    The audacious attack, which occurred on Saturday, saw…

In The Garden Of Armageddon

The world is now finding itself in the garden of Armageddon – and the gates of hell await.