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Is Zuma and MK planning another insurrection in South Africa with the Russian GRU’s support?

Opinion Piece, NSN Colonel Nikolai Tsybulia, ostensibly the Defence Attaché at the Russian Embassy in South Africa, at first glance appears to be every bit an officer of the Russian Naval Infantry, often called the Russian Marines by Westen military…

SAMIM withdrawal from Cabo Delgado: uncomfortable truths

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) military mission in Mozambique (SAMIM), which was deployed on 15 July 2021 to fight the Islamic insurgents terrorising the northern Cabo Delgado province is scheduled to end by mid-July 2024. Mozambican security forces will…

ANC Favours Unity Government, Voters Want ANC-DA Coalition – Survey

SRF survey found strong support among ANC and DA voters for a coalition between the two parties.

South African Elections will reveal SA’s exposure to digital influence as a service

As the South African elections get under way, ISS Africa examines how vulnerable South Africa is to misinformation and disinformation through unverifiable social media posts, designed to influence voters. ISS discusses how information integrity is essential to protect democratic principals…

US President names Kenya as a major non-Nato ally.

US President Joe Biden has named Kenya as a major non-Nato ally, making it the first sub-Saharan African country to receive that designation. Mr Biden announced the move during a three-day state visit by Kenyan President William Ruto. It is…

‘Bizarre’ Coup by US Nationals Foiled in DRC, Threatening Western Interests – Daniel van Dalen, Signal Risk 

A coup attempt against President Félix Tshisekedi’s government in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has been foiled, resulting in three deaths.

Powering Africa: The Future of Nuclear Energy

As the world moves away from fossil fuels, ISS Africa examines how Africa can transition to cleaner energies whilst dealing with increases in energy demand as the continent continues to experience rapid population growth. While other regions are transitioning to…

Call for Greater China-West Collaboration against Russian Threat – Maximilian Hess, FPRI

While Putin’s main aim of the visit to Xi was to convince Xi, “Look at what the West is doing to you in tariffs and they are trying to cut off your market – it is time to accelerate economic warfare and join in with us in this full-blown economic war with the West,” Hess’s impression is that President Xi is “certainly not ready to do so and hasn’t been.”

Despite Surge in Violence in Mozambique, $50B LNG Projects Likely to Proceed with Rwandan Troop Protection – Dr Joseph Hanlon

In recent months, violence by insurgents in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province has escalated, highlighted by an ambush on Southern African Development Community (SADC) forces near Macomia, which damaged vehicles but caused no casualties. As the SADC prepares to withdraw in July amid criticisms of its effectiveness, Rwandan and Tanzanian troops have been praised for securing certain areas. Mozambique specialist Dr. Joseph Hanlon believes the $20 billion LNG project by TotalEnergies and the $30 billion project by ExxonMobil will proceed, as these companies trust the Rwandan forces to protect the crucial offshore gas fields and infrastructure. Hanlon noted the effectiveness of the Rwandan and Tanzanian troops compared to the SADC forces, suggesting that the LNG investments will continue despite the insurgency.

US Must Collaborate, Not Compete, with China in Africa

As the world moves towards a multipolar system, Africa’s future holds weight. Jakkie Cilliers, Head of African Futures and Innovation at ISS Pretoria, analyses this shift in a recent ISS Today article. He argues that the US needs to adapt…