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Dennis Rice

Fears of Humanitarian Crisis among Ethnic Armenians

Ethnic Armenians Flee Azernaijan Amid Fears of Ethnic Cleansing.

Putin sends his assassin chief into Africa to run Wagner

Putin To Install His Assassin In Chief As Head of Wagner in Africa.

Wagner Chief Perishes in Mystery Plane Crash: Putin Breaks His Silence

Putin’s mercenary dies in a jet crash just outside Moscow.

Fury As Musk’s No.2 Blocks Satellites For Ukrainian Troops

Starlink Satellites Being Turned Off To Block Ukraine From Using Them Militarily.

The Spy Who Duped Me: Chinese Agent Jailed After Unwittingly Boasting About Exploits to Undercover Fed

Chinese Spy Who Became A US Army Reservist and Planned to Infiltrate NASA jailed for eight years.