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A Sanctioned Airline and it’s Shadowy Founder: Savelyev’s Aviation Empire Raises Red Flags for the West

In the midst of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) conflict, the spotlight falls on Aviacon Zitotrans, a Russian cargo airline entangled in controversy. Steering this entity is Valery Savelyev, a figure with a complex past intertwining business, politics,…

Israel urges the west to impose more sanctions on Iran as stock markets plunge in response to the crisis.

Israel has urged the west to imposed a new raft of sanctions on Iran in response to last weekend’s unprecedented drone and missile attack.Foreign minister Israel Katz said on Tuesday morning that, “alongside the military response” Israel was considering, he…

KSE Sounds Alarm: Loopholes in Export Controls Fuelling Russia’s War Machine

The Kyiv School of Economics’ (KSE) Institute, a Ukrainian think tank, and the Yermak-McFaul Expert Group on Russian Sanctions, an international group of independent experts working on the implementation of sanctions against Russia, have released a new report raising critical…

The Decade-Long Tale: UK’s Role in Russian Trade-Based Money Laundering

The UK’s recurring implication as a facilitator of financial crime is highlighted yet again, as Transparency International Russia delved into Russian criminal cases, uncovering a troubling statistic: approximately one in ten money laundering cases implicated British firms. In their report,…

Evolving Strategies: Russia’s Continued Sanctions Evasion Triggers Red Alert and New Sanctions Unit Unveiling

In the cat-and-mouse game of international sanctions, Russia’s persistent and adaptable tactics to evade restrictions have triggered heightened concern, prompting the National Economic Crime Centre (NECC) to issue a red alert. In the wake of sanctions imposed on Russia, the…

Ukraine adds Nestle to ‘International Sponsors of War’ List

In a striking move on Friday 2nd November, Ukraine’s National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) added Nestle to its list of “international sponsors of war,” for its continued business in Russia. In a press release announcing the decision, they emphasised…

From Pyongyang to the Frontlines: The Secret Routes of North Korean Munitions

In a startling revelation that spans land and sea, it appears that Russia may have kickstarted a clandestine munitions supply route with North Korea.

Fears of Humanitarian Crisis among Ethnic Armenians

Ethnic Armenians Flee Azernaijan Amid Fears of Ethnic Cleansing.

Trump wins presidency and withdraws US support from Ukraine – Vlad’s big hope

Western security officials insist there is no “war fatigue” and that Putin is delusional.

OPINION: Why Russia’s Wagner Group Must Be Extinguished Altogether

Why the Wagner Group. now in its twilight, must be extinguished altogether