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NSN Podcast: Andrew King addresses the existential, generation-defining threat to democracy

This week at National Security News, we launched our weekly podcast, discussing critical national security issues affecting business worldwide, with experts and thought leaders.

In our first interview, we spoke with Andrew King, founder of Future Union, about his Intrepid Investors List, an inaugural list of the top investors and funds propelling America and democracy forward, globally.

Future Union is a bipartisan collective designed to galvanise the private sector and forward-thinking leaders to address a new wave of emerging technology and security challenges facing the United States and its allies.

Andrew explained: “Our goal is to combine private sector innovation and democratic capitalism to ensure democracy perseveres in upcoming clashes between democracies and autocracies.

“The journey began back in 2021, as we set out to bring transparency to the often opaque conduct of private sector players, whose economic decisions wield significant influence in foreign policy, impacting the world at large.

“We are dedicated to furthering technology innovation and strengthening the United States private sector and our global allies to take on global foes.

“Our aim is to forge a private and public sector compact, improving policies and magnifying the impact of the private sector and capitalism in preparation for global conflicts ahead.”

Listen above for Andrew’s comments on how democracy is facing an existential, generation-defining threat from adversaries intent on overtaking our liberal principles and commandeering the capital markets.

“With technological superiority serving as the critical determinant for geopolitical success, anti-liberal and non-democratic nations have taken advantage of the dissonant and naive conduct amongst democracies globally, ingratiating themselves into our private sector and exploiting the innovations emerging from our capitalistic system,” he said.

“Much of the general public remains unaware that our economic engine has been turned against us, with many of our beloved companies complying with anti-liberal mandates in favor of the allure of foreign consumers and lucrative returns.”