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Andrey Klimov: Unmasking the Paradox – Corrupt Politician Hosts Neo-Colonialism Conference

In a twist of irony, Andrey Klimov, a seasoned Russian politician with a shadowy reputation, recently assumed a prominent role in organising the “For the Freedom of Nations” forum in Moscow. The spectacle, hosted by the United Russia party under the watchful eye of President Vladimir Putin, purportedly aimed to take a stand against modern neocolonial practices and champion the recovery of stolen wealth.  

However, Klimov’s engagement injects a stark contradiction into the storyline. Accusations of corruption surface as he allegedly enables his brother’s inexplicable victories in local tenders, while financial impropriety casts a shadow over the strategic transfer of his Cyprus offshore assets to his wife. Beyond financial controversies, Klimov enthusiastically assumes the role of a fervent propagandist for the Kremlin as he openly champions Russia’s military operations in Ukraine, expressing anti-Ukrainian sentiments on his Telegram channel and through Russian news agencies. These stances have put him onto global sanctions lists and earned him a place on Putin’s list of warmongers.

Financial Controversies: Unveiling Klimov’s Dubious Dealings

Andrey Klimov, the chief of Foreign Relations for the United Russia party, has long been a figure of intrigue. In 2017, the Federation Council established a commission, headed by Klimov, aimed at protecting Russian sovereignty and counteracting foreign interference. This move marked the beginning of Klimov’s active involvement in addressing what he perceives as threats to Russia’s internal affairs. However, as we explore Klimov’s political path, it becomes evident that his own background is not without controversy.

Klimov’s political journey is riddled with allegations of financial impropriety and corruption, particularly his association with Bikel Enterprises Ltd, a Cyprus-based company. Documents reveal Klimov’s directorship while serving as a State Duma deputy, violating Russian law. An investigation unveiled that Klimov handed control of Bikel Enterprises Ltd to his wife, Olga, while claiming that neither he nor his wife headed it.

Andrey Klimov (Source: United Russia)

Klimov’s financial entanglements extend to the Eurasian Dialogue Foundation, a non-profit focused on promoting Eurasian integration. Founded in 2016, the foundation, chaired by Klimov, oversees taxpayer-funded events. Yet, a closer look reveals that the main operator, MIC Alliance, is co-owned by Klimov and his wife, with another co-owner hailing from an offshore entity in the British Virgin Islands, a member of NATO. The controversy extends to Klimov’s brother, Sergey, who won government contracts for events organised by the Eurasian Dialogue Foundation. His companies secured contracts funded by Russian taxpayers, raising concerns about conflicts of interest in government affairs.

Sanctions and Defiance: Klimov’s Stand Against the West

In the unfolding drama of Klimov’s political journey, 2022 emerged as a defining chapter marked by international sanctions for supporting the annexation of Ukrainian territories. Positioned within the echelons of the Kremlin, Klimov embraced the role of a fervent propagandist for the regime in international affairs, echoing the broader sentiments of the Russian government. The Free Russia Forum’s inclusion of him in their “1500 warmongers” report only solidified his controversial status.

Undeterred by Western sanctions, Klimov boldly asserted their failure, insisting key sectors of the Russian economy were thriving. In a recent briefing, he claimed Western sanctions were strategically planned well in advance of Russia’s “special military operation,” hindering the country’s economic revival. Doubling down on anti-Western rhetoric, he portrayed Ukraine as a semi-colony, emphasising the global implications of Russia’s military endeavours.

Klimov stated, “Russia’s enemies have long understood the danger of Russia’s economic revival. This is a terrible thing for them. For their neocolonial-type global monopoly, this means a fiasco,” highlighting his commitment to portraying Russia as a formidable force.

In a recent declaration of unwavering support, Klimov supported Putin, emphasising his continued admiration since their collaboration in the 2000 presidential campaign. Klimov stated, “Since that time, my attitude towards this person has not changed. I believe that it is a huge advantage for Russia that such a leader is at the head of the country.” He expressed his conviction that only under Putin’s leadership can Russia triumph in the ongoing geopolitical struggle with the West.

Klimov at the International Forum of Supporters of the Fight Against Modern Neocolonial Practices “For the Freedom of Nations” in February 2024.

As Klimov took the stage at the “For the Freedom of Nations” forum, his actions, entangled in various accusations, sharply contradicted his self-proclaimed commitment to safeguarding Russia’s sovereignty. In this context, Klimov emerges as a significant figure closely aligning himself with the Kremlin’s vision. His narrative, marked by staunch resistance to Western sanctions and assertive declarations on Ukraine, showcases a government official strategically positioning himself to influence Russia’s narrative on the global stage.

Val Dockrell is a London-based Senior Investigator and Open Source Intelligence (“OSINT”) specialist who has led in-depth investigations in multiple jurisdictions around the world. She also speaks several languages and is a member of the Fraud Women’s Network. Her X (formerly Twitter) handle is @ValDockrell.