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Hamas Israel Ukraine War

What the events of 7 October in Israel demonstrated and what consequences it will have for Ukraine

Ukrainska Pravda writes about the consequences to Ukraine of Hamas’ failed attempt to invade Israel.

Evil with impunity is the evil the power of which will be constantly growing along with its audacity. Enemy that was not destroyed will regard this as weakness and will definitely come back.

The terrorist attack of 7 October on Israel was not an occurrence, it was a logical continuation of the war declared by the authoritarianism to the system created by West, as well as rules and values of this system.

The tragedy of Israel helps the world finally realise what it is facing, and re-evaluate the role and significance of Ukraine in its fight against russia.

What may have previously seemed like a manifestation of local-level aggression and regional-level conflict in case of the war in Ukraine, now looks like a systematic attempt to re-write the principles of the world order. To substitute the force of law with the law of force, to bring the world back to the archaic past.

Events in Israel clearly demonstrate that war for democracy may not be limited only with Ukraine, it concerns the whole world. Moreover, the importance of time factor is becoming more clear. Protraction, tentativeness, misunderstood peacekeeping, and as a result  semi-solutions, stop-gap measures that create all the circumstances favourable for the spread of aggression and violence and multiplying the evil.

Russia that due to its inherent darkness and wildness has become the frontman of the countries committing to authoritarian revenge shall suffer an exemplary punishment and be defeated in a way that would become a reliable deterrent for others who want to challenge the democracy. “The global axis of evil” is formed and forced to manifest itself.

That is why the events of 7 October shall catalyse accelerated decision-making processes on provision Ukraine with resources needed for the victory. Otherwise, wars and artificially stirred up conflicts will spread with a wildfire speed until the world is plunged into the darkness of the Third World War. So far, there is an opportunity to isolate the main warmonger.

Goal setting for West’s efforts is becoming clear-cut – who is the enemy, what dander it poses and what is the sense of the fight and expenses. The fight is becoming not an aim to protect one country whose interests might be sacrificed under certain circumstances, but the fight is unfolding for the survival of West as a project being challenged.

And last but not the least…

Those who are making a fuss over a threadbare thesis on “the twilight of Europe” shall keep in mind that within this cycle, a new dawn is coming, always and inevitably.