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Election Disinformation and the AI Threat – How can you protect yourselves?

As several major elections draw near, the threat from malicious AI bots, created and run by hostile actors intent on manipulating peaceful and democratic elections, grows. New AI tech has hijacked social media platforms to spread disinformation, swaying opinion and…

China’s UK election hack – how and why the Electoral Commission was targeted

Soraya Harding, University of Portsmouth via The Conversation The UK government has accused China of hacking the UK Electoral Commission, gaining access to information about millions of voters. In the aftermath of the incident, the UK and US governments have…

Exclusive: Sir Graeme Lamb Writes on Russia and Iran: An Unwelcome Alliance

The past will not tell you what is about to happen but it can point you in the right direction of what you might expect to unfold, and yet we in the West are so wrapped up in the day-to-day…

Google’s AI Platform Goes Quiet: Why Bard won’t answer political questions in 2024

In late 2023, Google announced that its AI large language model, named Bard, will be restricted from answering election-related and many other politically-focussed questions in the run up to the 2024 US elections. Google’s announcement coincided with the UK’s National…

Deepfakes: A Looming Threat to the Fabric of Democracy

In the ever-evolving landscape of technological advancements, deepfakes have emerged as a powerful tool with the potential to disrupt the very foundations of democracy. These manipulated videos, images, and audio files, created using artificial intelligence (AI), can seamlessly stitch together…

NSN Podcast: Andrew King addresses the existential, generation-defining threat to democracy

This week at National Security News, we launched our weekly podcast, discussing critical national security issues affecting business worldwide, with experts and thought leaders. In our first interview, we spoke with Andrew King, founder of Future Union, about his Intrepid…

Study: Influencers and Techies Moonlighting as Spies for Russia’s GRU and FSB

Spy Study Identifies How Russian GRU and FSB are now using influencers and techies for espionage.

Qatargate: Angry EU Politicians Shelve Plans to Grant Visa-Free Entry

A suspected Qatar bribery scandal aimed at buying EU influence, has backfired spectacularly on the FIFA World Cup hosts.

How Twitter will change (radically) in the Elon Musk era

What the recent changes in Twitter mean for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).