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Month: November 2022

Putin “I feel your pain” propaganda backfires as Russian mothers criticise staged TV broadcast

Putin tells Russian mothers “I feel your pain” but Mother’s Day propaganda stunt backfires.

Ukraine winning the world’s first digital war – British Army boss

Russia is also losing the digital war in the Ukraine, says UK army chief.

The crook nick-named Loaded who handed over $1billion in stolen bitcoin – but has he more hidden away?

Jimmy Zhong handed over a billion dollars in bitcoin – but has he stashed away more cash?

Britain and Sweden move against spies recruited by the Russian GRU

Russian spies unearthed in Germany and Sweden facing years behind bars.

Chronic corruption is at the heart of Russia’s humiliation in the Ukraine, say experts

Institutionalised corruption is behind Russia’ military failures, say experts.

How Twitter will change (radically) in the Elon Musk era

What the recent changes in Twitter mean for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).

China planted 11 spies in Canadian Parliament – Spy Agency

China’s deteriorating relationship with Canada spirals toward all-time low.