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EXCLUSIVE: NSN speaks with Andrew Yeh on the Dangers of China’s Dominance of Critical Supply Chains

In an exclusive interview, NSN speaks with Andrew Yeh, Deputy Director of the China Strategic Risks Institute (CSRI), about the critical challenges Europe faces in its reliance on Chinese supply chains for its solar energy projects.

CSRI researches the strategic risks and opportunities posed by the rise of China, and the foreign policy challenges Western nations now face in response to China’s increased dominance.

In a new report, CSRI explores how the EU’s dependence on importing solar photovoltaics from China could lead to a spike in household energy bills of €46.18 billion by 2030 – or €103 per capita – should Beijing impose export controls in the event of an escalating geo-political crisis, particularly given China’s track record of weaponising its dominance of critical supply chains.

Andrew Yeh said: “Europe’s dependence on China’s solar supply chain presents a clear strategic risk. Failure to address this not only undermines the EU’s energy security but also threatens its Net Zero ambitions. At a time of growing geopolitical uncertainty, there is an urgent need to de-risk our green tech supply chains.”

“European companies have the capacity to scale up domestic production but can only do so with the right government support. There are also opportunities for the Global Gateway to boost solar PV production capacity in the rest of the world, creating a more resilient supply chain for European producers.”

Listen above for the full interview with Andrew Yeh.