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Official spokesman for Ukraine military intelligence vows to hunt down every spy on its leaked list of 620 Russian agents

Across the world a cold chill has just passed down the spines of 620 Russian FSB spies, after the Ukraine promised to hunt down each and every one of them.

In an exclusive interview with National Security News, Andrii Yusov, the official spokesman for the country’s military intelligence service, confirmed it is already working with NATO countries to track down the agents so their activities can be exposed.

Mr Yusov was speaking in the wake of the Ukraine doxing the 620 FSB operatives back in March, when it published names, passport numbers, birth dates, and even car registrations from a huge leak from the Kremlin’s top spy agency’s Moscow headquarters.

The list includes agents working in every corner of the world, and in some instances uncovers the legends of spies who have lain hidden for decades.

Mr Yusov’s full interview can be viewed here:
World Exclusive: We will hunt them all down: Ukraine on its leaked list of 620 FSB spies

Dennis Rice is a former Producer at Channel 4 Dispatches and also worked as the Investigations Editor of the Mail on Sunday. He has been a contributor to National Security News since its launch and can be followed on Twitter under @Tvjourn.