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Ukraine winning the world’s first digital war – British Army boss

Russia is also losing the digital war in the Ukraine, says UK army chief.

Putin’s Cyber war against the Ukraine going as badly as the one on the ground

NSN partners with Cybertech NYC to report on some of the key security issues in the world today.

Chinese Tech Dominance – Defining Our Future National Security Threat

Amid the current threat and aggression from Russia, intelligence agencies are ramping up their focus on Beijing.

Indian universities unwittingly enabling North Korean cyber crime, study reveals

North Korean hackers posing as foreign students are weaponising the computer faculties of Indian universities to carry out crimes around the world, according to a shocking new study. Cyber security firm Recorded Future’s Insikt Group, identified the hackers as state-sponsored…

Cyber Crime Report – Enisa Study

RANSOMWARE attacks are expanding at such an exponential rate that they will cost the global economy ten trillion dollars ($10 trillion) by 2025, according to an influential new study. The figure came from researchers at the European Union Agency for…

From Russia without love – notorious hacking group Killnet target private and state institutions in Estonia In biggest cyber attack since 2007 

Pro-Russian hackers Killnet have again reminded the world that the war with Ukraine is not just being fought on the ground. This week, Killnet blitzed a wave of public and private websites in Estonia in the biggest cyber-attack of its…

Pro-China group uses Dragonbridge campaign to target rare earth mining companies

A pro-China disinformation campaign has targeted rare earth mining companies from Australia, Canada, and the U.S. with destructive messaging about operations, in an attempt to manipulate public opinion to China’s benefit.  US cyber security firm, Mandiant, reported firms targeted in the online…

Cyber groups supporting Ukraine

Anonymous “We are officially in a cyber war against the Russian government.”  Anonymous had pledged its full support for Ukraine. It has since targeted Russian-state controlled international television network RT,   IT army of Ukraine  On the 26th of February,  Vice…