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Cyber groups supporting Russia

Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Western Intelligence agencies warned of potential cyber attacks from Russia towards Ukraine. Targets included military and government sites, and small businesses to large organisations. At the time, Western Intelligence agencies also highlighted that these…

Choosing sides in the Russia cyber conflict

Organised cyber groups, hacktivists and ransomware gangs have been playing an active part in the cyber conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Cyber groups supporting Russia Conti  UNC1151  Zatoichi  Killnet  XakNet  Stormous Ransomware  Digital Cobra Gang (DCG)  Freecivilian  SandWorm  The Red…

Live updates: recent cyber attacks Russia/Ukraine

20 May 2022 Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the number of cyber-attacks on Russia has increased since the start of the war, and that Russia must strengthen defences by reducing the use of foreign software and hardware and switching…