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Decisive Action on Spyware: Unprecedented Cybersecurity Pact Unveiled at London Conference

In the clandestine realm of cyberspace, where espionage meets the digital frontier, a chilling truth is unveiled. Spyware, touted as a guardian of national security, reveals its sinister side, orchestrating hacking-for-hire campaigns that target civil society, political dissidents, and journalists….

State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks: A 20-Year Evolution and National Security Realities

The past two decades have witnessed an unprecedented evolution in the domain of cybersecurity, with state-sponsored cyber attacks emerging as a critical threat to national security. A milestone incident in 2003, where a state targeted the UK Government in a…

Israel and Gaza Cyber Warfare Intensifies

Against the backdrop of the ongoing war between Hamas and Israel, virtual soldiers have emerged, as the battle extends into the digital world. Digital warriors, aligned with various cyber groups, are now actively engaged in supporting their chosen sides in…

Putin sends his assassin chief into Africa to run Wagner

Putin To Install His Assassin In Chief As Head of Wagner in Africa.

Ukraine winning the world’s first digital war – British Army boss

Russia is also losing the digital war in the Ukraine, says UK army chief.