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Month: October 2022

Something Doomsday This Way Comes

Vladimir Putin may be attempting to supress snowballing milblogger criticism of his disastrous war in the Ukraine.

Wagner Group mercenaries decimated in the Ukraine, prompting a worldwide search for replacements

Wagner Group suffering massive losses in the Ukraine, turns to prisoners with HIV as replacements.


Media-led outrage over pilots and other service personnel working overseas may be missing the point.

New footage emerges of Hu Jintao being physically escorted out of China’s 20th Communist Party Conference

New footage emerges of China’s former leader being physically removed from the communist party’s 20th annual congress.

Chinese President to scapegoat banking chief as he “shuffles the deckchairs” over stumbling economy

Dr Yin Yong, tipped to be China’s new banking chief, but will he end up as another scapegoat?

UK’s leading security body elected Russian board member with ties to Putin

Stanford graduate Anna Spiridonova was elected to the board of the UK’s Security Institute – despite her family’s ties to the Kremlin and Putin.

Reinventing Ana: The Stanford University graduate who rocked the British security establishment 

Ana was a star of the Stanford ski team, and a shooting champion at her private boarding school in Kent.

Honeytrap warning goes out to British military as China targets top officials

A Chinese honeytrap spy targeted a British Army officer in a hotel which is the former home of MI6.

China’s 20th Communist Party Congress: Key Takeaways

As the week-long congress enters its final stages, Xi Jinping is intent on securing his place in history.