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Wagner Group mercenaries decimated in the Ukraine, prompting a worldwide search for replacements

Wagner Group suffering massive losses in the Ukraine, turns to prisoners with HIV as replacements.

UK’s leading security body elected Russian board member with ties to Putin

Stanford graduate Anna Spiridonova was elected to the board of the UK’s Security Institute – despite her family’s ties to the Kremlin and Putin.

Reinventing Ana: The Stanford University graduate who rocked the British security establishment 

Ana was a star of the Stanford ski team, and a shooting champion at her private boarding school in Kent.

Honeytrap warning goes out to British military as China targets top officials

A Chinese honeytrap spy targeted a British Army officer in a hotel which is the former home of MI6.

Porton Down scientists probe secrets of Russian “stealth” tank – helping Ukraine forces down even more

British Intelligence chiefs have uncovered the secrets of Russia’s most sophisticated operational tank.

A downed Wall Street tycoon, a furious and very public court battle, and now allegations of Russian espionage added into the mix

Explosive claims have emerged from the Ukraine that a former model who accused one of the most powerful men on Wall Street of multiple sexual assaults, is a Russian spy. The intelligence arm of Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence published a…

China sanctions children of its critics – and ends up a laughing stock

China is being roundly mocked over its decision to sanction the children of lawmakers who have spoken out over its aggression towards Taiwan and human rights abuses in Xinjiang. Five British politicians and their families were hit with Chinese sanctions…

Senior civil servants in Germany accused of working for Putin against own ministry – secret service investigating

TWO Russian spies have reportedly been unearthed working at the heart of Germany’s Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs. The pair are both senior civil servants under the country’s current economy minister Robert Habeck, having also worked under his predecessor Peter…