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National Security News identifies six potential Iranian presidential candidates.

The end of official mourning for Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi has kick-started a competition in which as many as 20 potential successors have been proposed.All candidates have to be cleared by the 12-strong elite body known as the Guardian Council,…

The death of the Iranian president is unlikely to end Iran’s shadow war with Israel.

Even before Tehran had formally announced the death of President Ebrahim Raisi, conspiracy theories as to whether foul play was to blame began coming in rapidly. Was Israel’s Mossad, the go-to organisation Iran likes to blame for almost any catastrophe…

Call for Greater China-West Collaboration against Russian Threat – Maximilian Hess, FPRI

While Putin’s main aim of the visit to Xi was to convince Xi, “Look at what the West is doing to you in tariffs and they are trying to cut off your market – it is time to accelerate economic warfare and join in with us in this full-blown economic war with the West,” Hess’s impression is that President Xi is “certainly not ready to do so and hasn’t been.”