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US President names Kenya as a major non-Nato ally.

US President Joe Biden has named Kenya as a major non-Nato ally, making it the first sub-Saharan African country to receive that designation. Mr Biden announced the move during a three-day state visit by Kenyan President William Ruto. It is…

Does the UK need an Israeli-style Air Defence Dome?

British defence chiefs are considering plans to develop an Israeli-style air defence dome amid fears that the UK could be targeted by long range missiles and attack drones. Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, the Chief of the Defence Staff and the…

Further Israel-Iran Escalation Averted… For Now: Israel Reeled Back, Iran realised It Can’t Win – Col Phil Ingram

“It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Putin got on the phone to the Grand Ayatollah and said, ‘Hey, look, stop. I don’t want you starting a war where you’re going to have to make sure your arms industry is doing nothing but feeding the Iranian military. I need you to keep supplying me stuff so I can continue my fight in Ukraine.”

NATO unites as it marks its 75th anniversary amid continued Russian aggression against Ukraine

Foreign Ministers wrapped up two days of discussions in Brussels on Thursday, 04 April 2024, culminating in a session of the NATO-Ukraine Council and another gathering with partners from the Indo-Pacific region and the European Union.  The day also marked…