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Gaza Conflict and Pipeline Sabotage – Russia’s Perfect Storm

NSN speaks with Lieutenant General Sir Graeme Lamb about the ties between the Balticconnector shutdown and the Israeli-Hamas conflict.

The West needs to do more to help Ukraine defeat Russia, claims former British Officer Richard Kemp

Western nations are very keen to pat themselves on the back when it comes to the war in Ukraine. It’s true, many countries have done a great deal and paid a heavy price economically and in the depletion of their own defences; Britain, America and Poland perhaps above most others.

PKK Terrorist Attack Threatens Regional Stability & Swedish NATO Membership

On Sunday 1 October, Turkey confirmed launching airstrikes on militant targets in northern Iraq and making arrests in Istanbul, shortly after Kurdish militants claimed responsibility for their first bomb attack on Turkey’s capital in years, which detonated near government buildings…

Pro-Russia Victory in Slovakia’s Election Upends Regional Dynamics and Threatens Ukraine Support

Amidst a backdrop of lingering allegations of corruption, Robert Fico has defied expectations by emerging victorious in Slovakia’s recent election. Known for his pro-Russian stance and contentious campaign promises, Fico’s mandate could have far-reaching consequences for the region.