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The death of the Iranian president is unlikely to end Iran’s shadow war with Israel.

Even before Tehran had formally announced the death of President Ebrahim Raisi, conspiracy theories as to whether foul play was to blame began coming in rapidly. Was Israel’s Mossad, the go-to organisation Iran likes to blame for almost any catastrophe…

Further Israel-Iran Escalation Averted… For Now: Israel Reeled Back, Iran realised It Can’t Win – Col Phil Ingram

“It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Putin got on the phone to the Grand Ayatollah and said, ‘Hey, look, stop. I don’t want you starting a war where you’re going to have to make sure your arms industry is doing nothing but feeding the Iranian military. I need you to keep supplying me stuff so I can continue my fight in Ukraine.”

Oman serves as a crucial back channel between Iran and the US as tensions flare in the Middle East

For years, Oman has worked hard to avoid the escalation of Middle Eastern crises. As conflict rages between Israel and Gaza and Iran, Oman is reprising its role as peacemaker, enabling back-channel talks in an attempt to avoid any further…