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Linda van Tilburg

WHO worries over new DRC MPOX strain, confidence in South African containment 

22 cases of MPOX have been identified in South Africa leading to three deaths. 16 patients have recovered and three are considered as ‘active cases.’

“Largest IT Disaster to Date” Raises Concerns About Global Tech Infrastructure

The effect of the outage is so widespread because Crowdstrike is the largest endpoint solution provider globally. Approximately 70% of the world’s desktop computers run on Microsoft Windows.

Ex-Mandela Guard: Questions on Trump security ‘Dominating the High Ground,’ but too early to judge

A lot of facts are going to emerge over time, and hopefully, we will understand why this seemingly unprotected rooftop was not covered by some form of security.

Western allies’ strategic shift away from Russian uranium 

The US is encountering challenges in securing uranium supplies, with some traditional sources becoming increasingly unstable.

Less aggressive stance on Israel and improved US relations expected from South Africa

A pullback from South Africa’s close alliances with China and russia militarily is also anticipated with an alignment closer to the United States.

Health care prime target for cyber attackers due to potential high ransom payouts 

Two national health services, the NHS in the United Kingdom and the National Health Laboratory Services in South Africa, responsible for blood tests, have been targeted by cyber attackers in quick succession. Health care services are prime targets as the data they hold is highly valuable data.

Africa leaders want to fortify info space against Russian propaganda

African leaders from every corner of the continent have voiced growing concern about the destabilising effects of this disinformation on their countries, said Gen. Michael Langley, commander of U.S. Africa Command, at an African Chiefs of Defence Conference in Botswana

Ramaphosa’s GNU: ANC-DA checks and balances, confidence in Holomisa for Defence

Prof. Venter said Ramaphosa’s structuring of the Cabinet, with DA deputy ministers in ANC-led ministries and vice versa, introduces a system of internal checks and balances.

Bolivian ‘old school coup’: Military’s influence in economies a greater regional threat, says Dr. Christopher Sabatini

It’s inspiring being a student of Latin America during the 80s and 90s that people stood up so clearly and so unanimously denouncing this coup. I think that’s very positive. We need to recognise that. This is not the 1970s in which militaries can intervene with impunity.

Iran’s bid for Nigerien uranium mining licence triggers nuclear fears

Iran and Niger cemented a secret ‘yellow cake’ uranium deal in late April for the delivery of 300 tons of uranium in exchange for drones-and-surface to air missiles.