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Linda van Tilburg

South Africa Demands Clarification from UK Foreign Office on Terror Alert

South African authorities have requested clarification from the UK Government following a change in the UK Foreign Office’s travel advice for South Africa, warning that “terrorists are very likely to attempt to carry out attacks in South Africa”.

South Africa Under Fresh US Scrutiny, Now Over Treatment of SA-Israeli Soldiers

Amid South Africa’s anticipation of a smoother relationship with the United States and the prospect of continuing market access through the new AGOA agreement, six US legislators have launched a new challenge. In a letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa, they warn of ‘consequences’ due to South Africa’s policy of arresting its citizens serving in the Israeli army. 

Heavy Mining in Ukraine Poses Threat to Global Food Production

Ukraine’s extensive mine contamination poses a threat to global food production, with massive landmines and explosives hindering access to vital farmland. The country, ravaged by Russia’s invasion, faces a daunting task, with over 6 million acres of farmland at risk. Ukraine is launching collaborative demining efforts, aided by the US government, non-profit organisations, and a tech giant, to ensure global food security amidst extensive mine contamination.

Space economy is set to soar to $1.8 trillion by 2035 

The Space Economy is on a trajectory to reach $1.8 trillion by 2035, marking a substantial leap from $630 billion in 2023. This growth, averaging 9% annually, outpaces the global GDP. This projection is the result of extensive research by…

NSN Exclusive: Perfect storm created for Somali pirates to return but strong resurgence unlikely – Denys Reva ISS

Somalian pirates are exploiting the crisis in the Red Sea, seeing it as an opportunity to target ships off Somalia’s coast. The World Bank has estimated that pirates operating off the Horn of Africa amassed between $18 billion annually during…

South African President Ramaphosa Denies Taking Sides in Gaza War, As His Foreign Minister Accuses Israel of Defying ICJ ruling 

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has refuted claims that South Africa is taking sides in the Gaza war and that relations with the United States have soured due to the International Court of Justice case against Israel. The South African…