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Month: July 2024

CrowdStrike’s ‘dystopian global cascade’ exposed vulnerabilities in trusted security systems

Anti-virus systems, like CrowdStrike which brought millions of Windows devices down, pose a potential security threat due to their trusted nature, according to Professor John Walker, a cyber consultant, who spoke to National Security News.  Continuous updates, he said, increase…

WHO worries over new DRC MPOX strain, confidence in South African containment 

22 cases of MPOX have been identified in South Africa leading to three deaths. 16 patients have recovered and three are considered as ‘active cases.’

“Largest IT Disaster to Date” Raises Concerns About Global Tech Infrastructure

The effect of the outage is so widespread because Crowdstrike is the largest endpoint solution provider globally. Approximately 70% of the world’s desktop computers run on Microsoft Windows.

AI tools and chatbots are rocket fuel for massive increase in cyber crime

Cyber criminals are weaponising advanced chatbots and AI technologies to amplify their attacks, marking a significant escalation in the digital arms race. Experts warn that these powerful AI tools are being deployed at a record scale and speed, creating a…

Zuma’s MK Party Used Gupta-Era Tactics in South Africa Election Disinformation Campaign

The MK Party has a preponderance of large influential anonymous accounts, more so than most other communities, but they’ve been there for years.

Suspicious Russian deaths since the Ukraine war

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, up to 18 serving and former members of the Russian high command have died – many in unexplained circumstances. National Security News lists the Russian generals and senior politicians – some of…

Hamas buys sophisticated criminal malware to target Israel

The computer viruses can be purchased for as little as $200 USD a month with the more sophisticated versions being rented to terrorist groups for up to $1million USD a year.

Ex-Mandela Guard: Questions on Trump security ‘Dominating the High Ground,’ but too early to judge

A lot of facts are going to emerge over time, and hopefully, we will understand why this seemingly unprotected rooftop was not covered by some form of security.

Western allies’ strategic shift away from Russian uranium 

The US is encountering challenges in securing uranium supplies, with some traditional sources becoming increasingly unstable.

US should prepare for more violence after Trump assassination attempt leading analyst warns

This is a very grave turn of events in a country that is very deeply polarised, where many Americans do not believe that their democracy is healthy or particularly functional and where a large majority of Americans believe that the domestic political opposition is out to destroy that democracy.