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Month: February 2023

The General Goes to Washington

In American folklore and in our sense of national identity, imagined and real, the principled lone ranger – the Gen. George S. Patton type – has long infused America’s ideal of a hero. You see it in our novels –…

Moldova in the Kremlin’s crosshairs

Moldova has squarely been in the Kremlin’s crosshairs since the outset of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ‘special military operation.’ Ever since 1992, when the Russian army occupied the non-NATO country’s Transnistria region, the Moldovan government has been under tremendous pressure. It bent, then subsequently broke prompting the resignation of…

Fury As Musk’s No.2 Blocks Satellites For Ukrainian Troops

Starlink Satellites Being Turned Off To Block Ukraine From Using Them Militarily.

In The Garden Of Armageddon

The world is now finding itself in the garden of Armageddon – and the gates of hell await.