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Year: 2022

China Launches Twitter Rant Against UK As Officials Flee

Chinese consul-general Zheng Xiyuan branded a “coward” after fleeing UK to avoid questioning by police over a violent assault.

Qatargate: Angry EU Politicians Shelve Plans to Grant Visa-Free Entry

A suspected Qatar bribery scandal aimed at buying EU influence, has backfired spectacularly on the FIFA World Cup hosts.

Russia Using Rape As An Instrument of War As Estimated 75,000 Victims Seek Abortions

True horror of Russian war crimes revealed as up to 75,000 men and women raped.

Prigozhin: The Man Who Would Be Putin’s King

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the notorious one-time shadowy founder of the Wagner Group, is subtly beginning to challenge Putin for control of Russia’s military – and, undoubtedly, in time, likely for control of all of Russia.

Special Report Arthur Fraser: The Monster Fed By Cyril

The disgraced civil servant with a president at his mercy.

Bloodied Ukrainian pilot takes selfie after directing his burning plane away from a residential area

The pilot’s incredible bravery won him a medal, and the eternal thanks of the civilians he saved.

Fears That Harry and Meghan’s Netflix Documentary Will Be Used As a Recruiting Tool By The Far Right

Harry and Meghan’s documentary and its potential to cause racial tensions and security issues in the UK.