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China will have an arsenal of 1,000 nuclear warheads by 2030, says Nato chief

China is on course to develop an arsenal of up to 1,000 nuclear weapons within six years, the head of Nato has warned. Jens Stoltenberg, Nato’s secretary general, said the communist state was investing heavily in modern weaponry, including nuclear…

Hope Rekindled in South Africa as Politics Shift to Centre

There is a new sense of optimism among South African citizens living with power blackouts, deteriorating services and an ailing economy that the backward slide that began under Jacob Zuma’s reign, could be reversed.

Putin Vows ‘Extremely Painful’ Retaliation After West Agrees $50 Billion Loan for Ukraine

The Kremlin has vowed to exact an “extremely painful” retaliation after the G7 group of countries agreed to provide Ukraine with a $50bn (USD) loan to help the country in its war with Russia. The move followed the announcement by…


Competing Proposals at Swiss Summit Threaten to Derail Ukraine’s Peace Plan – Mariia Zolkina

Leaked documents indicate alternative peace plans from other countries will be promoted that will be diluting Ukraine’s peace formula.

Zuma’s MK Party surge in South Africa mirrors global rise in right-wing populism – Songeso Zibi

The development of the uMkhonto we Sizwe Party (MKP), at least in terms of their political rhetoric and the touch points they use for their political message, matches almost dot for dot the development of the MAGA movement in the United States.

Paris Olympics faces a threat from terrorists and Russia

The Paris Olympics is facing a dual threat of attacks by the ISIS terrorist group and a Russian disinformation campaign, intelligence chiefs have claimed. The disclosure follows an announcement by the terror group which has called on “lone wolves” to…

British military officer says civilian death toll in Israeli hostage rescue operation ‘difficult to avoid’ 

A British former military intelligence officer has said that the high civilian death toll in the Israeli hostage rescue operation would have been difficult to avoid. Colonel Philip Ingram, a former member of the Intelligence Corps and a NATO planner,…

Trump Deepfake Video Fuels Antisemitism Despite Being Exposed as Fake

A deepfake video of former President Donald Trump advocating for antisemitism has appeared online, National Security News can reveal. While the signs of manipulation are evident, with some users flagging mismatched lip movements, the video has still managed to fuel…

Russia is recruiting 30,000 soldiers a month to fight in Ukraine

Russia is still able to generate 30,000 recruits a month to fight on the frontline in Ukraine despite suffering in excess of 500,000 casualties, western officials have said.  The Russian summer offensive has cost Moscow a record 1,200 personnel killed…