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Ukraine War

Trump wins presidency and withdraws US support from Ukraine – Vlad’s big hope

Western security officials insist there is no “war fatigue” and that Putin is delusional.

Wagner Chief Perishes in Mystery Plane Crash: Putin Breaks His Silence

Putin’s mercenary dies in a jet crash just outside Moscow.

Nuclear security risks on the rise for the first time in 10-years

Nuclear risk on the rise for 1st time in a decade, watchdog warns.

Moldova in the Kremlin’s crosshairs

Moldova has squarely been in the Kremlin’s crosshairs since the outset of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ‘special military operation.’ Ever since 1992, when the Russian army occupied the non-NATO country’s Transnistria region, the Moldovan government has been under tremendous pressure. It bent, then subsequently broke prompting the resignation of…

Fury As Musk’s No.2 Blocks Satellites For Ukrainian Troops

Starlink Satellites Being Turned Off To Block Ukraine From Using Them Militarily.