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Ukraine War

Senior commander of notorious Wagner Group killed in ambush

A senior commander of the notorious Wagner mercenary group has been killed in an ambush by Ukrainian special forces.

Something Doomsday This Way Comes

Vladimir Putin may be attempting to supress snowballing milblogger criticism of his disastrous war in the Ukraine.

Wagner Group mercenaries decimated in the Ukraine, prompting a worldwide search for replacements

Wagner Group suffering massive losses in the Ukraine, turns to prisoners with HIV as replacements.

Porton Down scientists probe secrets of Russian “stealth” tank – helping Ukraine forces down even more

British Intelligence chiefs have uncovered the secrets of Russia’s most sophisticated operational tank.

Ukraine war widens as Belarus commits to form a joint military force with Russia

The Ukraine War is on the brink of escalating into a conflict between three with Belarus poised to join.

Summer camps for indoctrination: Russians teach Ukrainian children how to fire guns

DISTURBING pictures have emerged of Ukrainian children in Russia-occupied Mariupol being trained in the use of firearms and mine sweepers The images were passed to National Security News by the Oleksandr Merezhko, the chair of the Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Committee…

Putin warned his “mediocre” troops aren’t up to fighting in a nuclear battlefield

Vladimir Putin has been warned that his rag tag army of  exhausted conscripts and  demoralised mercenaries are in no fit state for him to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in the Ukraine. General David H. Petraeus, a former top U.S. commander in Iraq…

4,000 Brits told to leave Russia or end up in Putin’s army

Dual national Britons based in Russia face being called up to fight in Ukraine, western officials have warned An estimated 4,000 British people currently living in Russia have also been warned to leave the country as soon as possible. The…