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Live updates: Recent Cyber Attacks Russia/Ukraine
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Live updates: recent cyber attacks Russia/Ukraine

20 May 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the number of cyber-attacks on Russia has increased since the start of the war, and that Russia must strengthen defences by reducing the use of foreign software and hardware and switching to domestic technology and equipment. 


12 May 2022, Anonymous leaks Russian nuclear energy facility data

Anonymous leaked 800,000 documents from Russian state-run nuclear energy facility Rosatom, mostly related to the nuclear company’s clients, affiliates, and contracts. This is the second time in less than three months that Anonymous has breached Rosatom. 

International Business Times

11 May 2022, Russian financial service hacked by Anonymous

NB65 which is a part of the Anonymous collective had recently published around 7 million Russian bank cards. 

The Tech Outlook

10 May 2022, Russian military cyber operators deploying multiple families of the wiper malware

“Australia is committed to working with our partners and allies to shine a light on Russia’s ongoing unacceptable activity in cyberspace and condemns Russia’s destructive, disruptive and destabilising cyber activities against Ukraine.” 

Australian Government

6 May 2022, Tens of terabytes of data leaked

DDoSecrets published two new leaked email caches: 575,000 emails from property management company Sawatzky and 250,000 emails from Worldwide Invest, a Moscow-based investment firm. In the “Russia” category, the leaks now include a huge cross-section of Russian society, including banks, oil and gas companies, and the Russian Orthodox Church. 

The Verge

4 May 2022, U.S. sends elite cyber team to Lithuania

Known as “hunt forward” missions, these missions are to help defend friendly nations against aggressive ones. “Our deployment in Lithuania was directly related to the ongoing crisis in the Ukraine,” Major General Joe Hartman, who commands the U.S. Cyber National Mission Force, told reporters at a roundtable interview in Nashville. 


2 May 2022, Russian cyber-attacks peak

According to the State Special Communications Service of Ukraine, Russia’s cyber-offensive operations in Ukraine may have reached their full potential. At the same time, the State Special Communications Service noted that Ukraine is still under strong pressure in cyberspace from Russian hackers. 

The New Voice of Ukraine