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Cyber groups supporting Ukraine


“We are officially in a cyber war against the Russian government.” 

Anonymous had pledged its full support for Ukraine. It has since targeted Russian-state controlled international television network RT,  

IT army of Ukraine 

On the 26th of February,  Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov called for a volunteer cyberwarfare organisation to be created. He asked for volunteers to join the IT army of Ukraine in order to defend and fight against Russia within cyberspace. Thousands of applicants applied, both national and international.  

AgainstTheWest (ATW) 

Standing with Ukraine, the group’s Twitter account says, “We’re back in action. Standing against Russia. Active until Russia stands down.” The group is actively working to breach Russian infrastructure including Russian railways and Russian Government contractors. 


This is a new group, made up of an insider(s) of Conti. Since February 27th, following Conti’s statement of Russian support, an account named ContiLeaks leaked hundreds of files containing internal Conti communications.