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Katie Frodsham

Alarming Surge: Antisemitic Attacks Skyrocket in the UK, Sparking Urgent Calls for Action

Antisemitism, a long-standing stain on British society, has experienced a chilling resurgence in the past year, reaching levels unseen in decades. This alarming trend has cast a shadow over the UK, raising urgent concerns about the safety and security of…

KSE Sounds Alarm: Loopholes in Export Controls Fuelling Russia’s War Machine

The Kyiv School of Economics’ (KSE) Institute, a Ukrainian think tank, and the Yermak-McFaul Expert Group on Russian Sanctions, an international group of independent experts working on the implementation of sanctions against Russia, have released a new report raising critical…

Navigating France’s National Security Landscape: Who is Gabriel Attal, France’s New Prime Minister? 

Gabriel Attal, France’s new Prime Minister and the youngest person to ever hold this position, is not a name typically associated with France’s national security strategy. However, in his current and previous roles (Attal has moved to the premiership from…

EXCLUSIVE: NSN speaks with Andrew Yeh on the Dangers of China’s Dominance of Critical Supply Chains

In an exclusive interview, NSN speaks with Andrew Yeh, Deputy Director of the China Strategic Risks Institute (CSRI), about the critical challenges Europe faces in its reliance on Chinese supply chains for its solar energy projects. CSRI researches the strategic…

Deepfakes: A Looming Threat to the Fabric of Democracy

In the ever-evolving landscape of technological advancements, deepfakes have emerged as a powerful tool with the potential to disrupt the very foundations of democracy. These manipulated videos, images, and audio files, created using artificial intelligence (AI), can seamlessly stitch together…

NSN Podcast: Andrew King addresses the existential, generation-defining threat to democracy

This week at National Security News, we launched our weekly podcast, discussing critical national security issues affecting business worldwide, with experts and thought leaders. In our first interview, we spoke with Andrew King, founder of Future Union, about his Intrepid…

EXCLUSIVE: General Petraeus on “Conflict: The Evolution of Warfare from 1945 to Ukraine”

NSN speaks with General Petraeus about his new book, “Conflict: The Evolution of Warfare from 1945 to Ukraine” and the critical mistakes we must learn from in order to navigate an increasingly perilous world.

Gaza Conflict and Pipeline Sabotage – Russia’s Perfect Storm

NSN speaks with Lieutenant General Sir Graeme Lamb about the ties between the Balticconnector shutdown and the Israeli-Hamas conflict.