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China’s 20th Communist Party Congress: Key Takeaways

As the week-long congress enters its final stages, Xi Jinping is intent on securing his place in history.

Storm Clouds Gather Over Xi Jinping Ahead of China’s 20th National Congress

The movers and shakers from the biggest political party in the world – the 96 million-members who make up the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) – will gather in Beijing this Sunday, and for one man among the 2,296 delegates it…

Former ambassador on China and Taiwan – steering clear of the red lines

In mid-August, China’s angry response to US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei was to fire live missiles over Taiwan and into its territorial waters and hold military exercises closer than ever before to the island. Tension…

First it was fuel prices now it’s electronic chips in your phones and cars which are set to soar in price – bleak economic news looms over the “new Ukraine.”

Economists are warning of a global hi-tech doomsday scenario in which Chinese moves to annex or erect a trade blockade around Taiwan spark inflation-busting price rises for mobile phones and other hi-tech “must haves.” Their concern stems from parallels between…