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Does the UK need an Israeli-style Air Defence Dome?

British defence chiefs are considering plans to develop an Israeli-style air defence dome amid fears that the UK could be targeted by long range missiles and attack drones. Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, the Chief of the Defence Staff and the…

CIA Director William Burns Arrives in Cairo with Egyptian Officials to Reach a Deal 

Israel has given Hamas a one-week ultimatum, presenting the militant group with a choice between agreeing to a hostage deal or facing a potential ground invasion of Rafah against the terror group’s remaining strongholds in Gaza.  CIA Director William Burns…

Further Israel-Iran Escalation Averted… For Now: Israel Reeled Back, Iran realised It Can’t Win – Col Phil Ingram

“It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Putin got on the phone to the Grand Ayatollah and said, ‘Hey, look, stop. I don’t want you starting a war where you’re going to have to make sure your arms industry is doing nothing but feeding the Iranian military. I need you to keep supplying me stuff so I can continue my fight in Ukraine.”

Oman serves as a crucial back channel between Iran and the US as tensions flare in the Middle East

For years, Oman has worked hard to avoid the escalation of Middle Eastern crises. As conflict rages between Israel and Gaza and Iran, Oman is reprising its role as peacemaker, enabling back-channel talks in an attempt to avoid any further…

World leaders call for restraint after Iranian missile strike.

The bombing of the Iranian Consulate in Damascus which causes the latests tit-for-tat attacks between Iran and Israel.

South Africa Under Fresh US Scrutiny, Now Over Treatment of SA-Israeli Soldiers

Amid South Africa’s anticipation of a smoother relationship with the United States and the prospect of continuing market access through the new AGOA agreement, six US legislators have launched a new challenge. In a letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa, they warn of ‘consequences’ due to South Africa’s policy of arresting its citizens serving in the Israeli army. 

Africa Must Prepare for Potential Economic Shock Amid Escalating Israel-Iran Conflict

The escalating geopolitical tension between Israel and Iran could potentially trigger a ripple effect, impacting African nations that are bracing for another significant economic shock through contagion. This perspective is derived from an article in ISS Today, which we are…

Israel urges the west to impose more sanctions on Iran as stock markets plunge in response to the crisis.

Israel has urged the west to imposed a new raft of sanctions on Iran in response to last weekend’s unprecedented drone and missile attack.Foreign minister Israel Katz said on Tuesday morning that, “alongside the military response” Israel was considering, he…

British Prime Minister has described Israel’s security as “non-negotiable”.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has described Israel’s security as “non negotiable”, following Iran’s mass drone and missile attack.Speaking in the House of Commons, Prime Minister Sunak told parliament that Iran is “intent on sowing chaos” across the Middle East…

Israel has vowed to respond against Iran’s overnight drone attack leading to fears that the crisis could escalate into a regional war.

Israel has vowed to respond against Iran after an unprecedented drone and missile attack launched against the country last night. About 300 explosive drones and cruise missiles were fired in the first direct attack from Iran on its arch-enemy, which…