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Year: 2024

AI Arms Race: China could have killer robots on the battlefield in two years

China could deploy fully autonomous military weapons onto the battlefield within two years, according to a leading weapons expert. Defence analyst Francis Tusa said China was not hindered by the ethical concerns surrounding so-called killer robots and was developing autonomous…

‘Radicals’ in DA and ANC threaten South Africa’s GNU, but Middle Ground could lead the way

There are voices in both the ANC and the DA, according to an analyst who is not far from each other in the negotiations process. 

Former Israeli Intelligence Officer Calls for Political Solutions Alongside Military Action in Gaza

Israel must win the battle of ideas if it is to defeat Hamas and bring an end to the fighting in Gaza, a former head of the Israeli Intelligence Service has said. Ami Ayalon, who led the Israeli security agency…

Former US Marine general warns that the US needs to be prepared for the threats posed by Russia and China

One of the United States’ most celebrated generals has warned that America will need to strengthen its military forces to counter the  joint threat from Russia and China. Retired Marine Corps General James Mattis warned of the growing nexus between the…

South Africa’s GNU talks hits deadlock as positions harden

Negotiators who hunkered down to reach an agreement on the Cabinet and roles in Ramaphosa’s government appear to have hit a deadlock.


AI’s Blind Spot: It fails to recognise disinformation it creates

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a blind spot. It fails to recognise disinformation it creates. This means that it has limitations in the fight against disinformation.  Experts have found that AI tools can be tricked when attempting to label machine versus…

Israel on the brink of ‘full-scale war with Hezbollah,’ warns ex-Israeli Defence Forces Officer

Israel is on the brink of an all-out war with the terrorist group Hezbollah, a former Israeli Intelligence officer has warned. Avi Melamed, a former member of the Israeli Defence Forces, said that any conflict with the Lebanese-based groups would…

Western intelligence chiefs recruiting members of the Russia military elite

US and British intelligence chiefs are recruiting disaffected members of Russia’s high command humiliated by the Kremlin’s failure to win the war in Ukraine. Senior intelligence officials within the CIA and MI6 believe that a growing number of senior officers…

Support Ramaphosa’s GNU and don’t allow ‘Chief Crook Zuma’ instigators to halt progress urges Derek Hanekom

There is desperation in Zuma’s speech. Beneficiaries of the July 2021 looting in South. Africa or those facing prison sentences place their hope in Zuma.

China’s Hacking Network: Talent competitions fuel state espionage

China is recruiting talented citizens through local “hacking competitions” and weaponising their talents to attack Western governments, according to a report by ETH Zurich University’s Centre for Security Studies. The revelation, coupled with recent admissions by Dutch officials about the…