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Opposing Forces: Corrupt Person of the Year and Prisoner of Conscience in Guatemala’s Narrative

In the heart of Guatemala’s battle against corruption lies a narrative of conflicting forces—where justice and impunity collide. Maria Consuelo Porras, Guatemala’s Attorney General, emerged as an unexpected yet controversial recipient of the 2023 Person of the Year award for…

The Decade-Long Tale: UK’s Role in Russian Trade-Based Money Laundering

The UK’s recurring implication as a facilitator of financial crime is highlighted yet again, as Transparency International Russia delved into Russian criminal cases, uncovering a troubling statistic: approximately one in ten money laundering cases implicated British firms. In their report,…

EU Poised To Remove Immunity From A Further Two MEPs As Qatargate Scandal Widens

EU Corruption scandal spreads as Belgian police home in on three MEPs over Qatargate.

Qatargate: Angry EU Politicians Shelve Plans to Grant Visa-Free Entry

A suspected Qatar bribery scandal aimed at buying EU influence, has backfired spectacularly on the FIFA World Cup hosts.

Special Report Arthur Fraser: The Monster Fed By Cyril

The disgraced civil servant with a president at his mercy.