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Suspected double agent arrested over fears he may have passed on wiretap intelligence to Russia

German Security Services arrest one of their own as a suspected double agent, moonlighting for Russia.

Ukraine’s Dark Carol of The Satellites

How satellite technology is capturing Russia’s targeting bombing of cultural sites in the Ukraine.

Study: Influencers and Techies Moonlighting as Spies for Russia’s GRU and FSB

Spy Study Identifies How Russian GRU and FSB are now using influencers and techies for espionage.

US Regulators Must Help American Satellite Companies Stave Off Growing Threat From China

America’s dominance in space broadband is fast being challenged by China, according to a new study.

China Launches Twitter Rant Against UK As Officials Flee

Chinese consul-general Zheng Xiyuan branded a “coward” after fleeing UK to avoid questioning by police over a violent assault.

Prigozhin: The Man Who Would Be Putin’s King

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the notorious one-time shadowy founder of the Wagner Group, is subtly beginning to challenge Putin for control of Russia’s military – and, undoubtedly, in time, likely for control of all of Russia.