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Israel’s Foreign Minister Katz Speaks at Munich Security Conference and Announces New Evidence of UNRWA Links to Terrorism 

Day One of the 60th edition of Munich’s Security Conference saw the Israel-Hamas war and concerns surrounding the war spilling over borders across the region dominate this year’s agenda. 

As the war enters its fifth month, the Israel-Hamas war has resulted in over 28,000 Palestinian fatalities and approximately 1,430 Israeli deaths, with still no resolution in sight.

“There are lots of things we need to start talking about now,” Cameron said, addressing Britain’s House of Lords.

“Whether it’s about this question of how you offer a political horizon to people in the Palestinian territories, or indeed, how we deal with Israel’s very real security concerns”.

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron speaks at the Munich Security Conference. (Source – AP) 

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, Israel’s Foreign Minister, Katz, pledged his commitment to ensuring Israel’s security, and working towards the immediate return of hostages.

Israeli Foreign Minister, Katz pictured above speaking at the Munich Security Conference. (Source – Boaz Arad)

Turning to the Palestinian relief and welfare agency UNWRA, Katz called for the abolishment of the organisation and for Commissoner General Philippe Lazzarini to step down after uncovering intelligence indicating that more than 30 UNWRA employees actively participated in Hamas’ 07 October attacks.

The Foreign Minister asserted that UNWRA is the “problem and not the solution” and has no place in Gaza. 

He continued saying that Israel possesses additional evidence of UNRWA’s involvement in acts of terror with plans to publicise it to the world.

Addressing the ongoing threat from Hezbollah, Katz cautioned that if diplomatic efforts fail to ease the situation, Israel may be compelled to remove the terror group from the border, urging world leaders to exert pressure on Iran and Hezbollah to withdraw from South Lebanon and adhere to UN resolution 1701.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog speaking at Conversation “Towards Stability and Peace in the Middle East: Israel’s Vision” (Source – MSC / Simon)

Diplomatic Meetings: Israel’s President Isaac Herzog met with US Vice President Kamala Harris during the conference, reiterating that the immediate and unconditional return of hostages remained Israel’s primary concern.

Evacuation Plans and Ground Assault: Katz announced collaboration with the US to present a plan for the evacuation of civilians from Rafah, where more than one million people have sought shelter as Israel expands its ground offensive to eliminate Hamas’s final remaining stronghold. 

Hostage Survivors: Former hostages held by Hamas shared harrowing stories. Aviva Adrienne Siegal, 62, who spent 51 days in captivity in terror tunnels detailed sexual abuse and rape suffered by women held captive with her.

“My heart is broken,” she said. “We need your help.”

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