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Franco-British missile firm targeted by cybercriminals who demand £273k for stolen data

Stolen missile data, which purports to include blueprints of weapons used by NATO allies in the Russia-Ukraine war, is being offered for sale on Russian and English hacker forums, it has emerged. A cybercriminal group, using the pseudonym of Adrastea,…

Ireland – Russia’s spy central

Accessing EU correspondence, targeting US tech firms operating in the South, and infiltrating UK companies in Northern Ireland and mainland Great Britain, former military intelligence officer Philip Ingram explains why Russian spies have been in the news in Ireland, and…

Russians suspected of hacking a private social media account to smear Finland’s PM

Cyber experts fear Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin has become the victim of a carefully orchestrated smear campaign, just as she has was gaining support on her call for an EU-wide ban on visas for Russian tourists. Tell-tale signs of…