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Sean Rayment

Northern Ireland’s Police Chief’s Job Hanging By a Thread

The future of the head of the Police Service of Northern Ireland was in the balance last night.

China and Russia seeking military dominance over space, experts warn

China and Russia are building an arsenal of cosmic weapons in a bid to achieve military dominance in space.

Russia Using Rape As An Instrument of War As Estimated 75,000 Victims Seek Abortions

True horror of Russian war crimes revealed as up to 75,000 men and women raped.

Putin’s private warlord is plotting power grab, Wagner defector warns

Watch out for Wagner, warns from mercenary and right hand man to Putin’s private warlord.

Chronic corruption is at the heart of Russia’s humiliation in the Ukraine, say experts

Institutionalised corruption is behind Russia’ military failures, say experts.

Russia beats a retreat from Kherson in a fresh humiliation for Putin

Putin’s forces beat a retreat from Kherson in fresh humiliation for Russia’s President.

Senior commander of notorious Wagner Group killed in ambush

A senior commander of the notorious Wagner mercenary group has been killed in an ambush by Ukrainian special forces.