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Hostage Family Reveals How They Have Been Unable to Grieve for the Loss of Their Loved One Killed in the Hamas Attacks. 

The family of a hostage held by Hamas have told of how they have been unable to grieve for three relatives murdered by the terrorist group.   Steve Brisley, who is campaigning to free his brother-in-law Eli Sharabi, also said he…

The Ori Megidish Rescue:  Disinformation and Denying Truths in Conflict

In the midst of the heated conflict between Israel and Hamas, misinformation and disinformation are playing a pivotal role in shaping the narrative surrounding a daring rescue operation. On Monday, the world was captivated by a seemingly positive news story…

Hostage Crisis Update: IDF Reports 233 Kidnapped, Families Plead for Action

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have raised the alarming count of people kidnapped on 7th October to at least 233. As of now, only four hostages have managed to secure their freedom, including an American mother and her daughter, along…