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China planted 11 spies in Canadian Parliament – Spy Agency

China’s deteriorating relationship with Canada spirals toward all-time low.

Part I: Republicanism and “An ever changing future.”

As the recently departed Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne on her Coronation Day on June 2nd 1953, she spoke memorably of the living strength of the Commonwealth, as well as of “societies old and new; of lands and races…

Former ambassador on China and Taiwan – steering clear of the red lines

In mid-August, China’s angry response to US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei was to fire live missiles over Taiwan and into its territorial waters and hold military exercises closer than ever before to the island. Tension…

Indian universities unwittingly enabling North Korean cyber crime, study reveals

North Korean hackers posing as foreign students are weaponising the computer faculties of Indian universities to carry out crimes around the world, according to a shocking new study. Cyber security firm Recorded Future’s Insikt Group, identified the hackers as state-sponsored…

Homeland Security agents charged with accessing passport database to help China target and harass dissidents

A decorated former Homeland Security agent recruited serving colleagues to access secure government databases so he could help China track down and harass US-based dissidents, according to court papers. Derrick Taylor, 60, who is now working as a private investigator,…

Ireland – Russia’s spy central

Accessing EU correspondence, targeting US tech firms operating in the South, and infiltrating UK companies in Northern Ireland and mainland Great Britain, former military intelligence officer Philip Ingram explains why Russian spies have been in the news in Ireland, and…