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China and Russia seeking military dominance over space, experts warn

China and Russia are building an arsenal of cosmic weapons in a bid to achieve military dominance in space.

The General Goes to Washington

In American folklore and in our sense of national identity, imagined and real, the principled lone ranger – the Gen. George S. Patton type – has long infused America’s ideal of a hero. You see it in our novels –…

The Spy Who Duped Me: Chinese Agent Jailed After Unwittingly Boasting About Exploits to Undercover Fed

Chinese Spy Who Became A US Army Reservist and Planned to Infiltrate NASA jailed for eight years.

Harry and Meghan: Who Shall Separate Us?

Harry’s extraordinary memoir and its cost to his own security and that of the Commonwealth.

US Regulators Must Help American Satellite Companies Stave Off Growing Threat From China

America’s dominance in space broadband is fast being challenged by China, according to a new study.

China Launches Twitter Rant Against UK As Officials Flee

Chinese consul-general Zheng Xiyuan branded a “coward” after fleeing UK to avoid questioning by police over a violent assault.

U.S. Security Chief: Time for private companies to help protect millions of consumers from cyber attacks

Companies and governments need to work together to combat cyber attacks, says security supremo.

How Twitter will change (radically) in the Elon Musk era

What the recent changes in Twitter mean for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).